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 We get you, getting up to speed on solar by trawling through the Internet can be overwhelming. We also know that choosing a solar system based on price alone is a recipe for disaster.  A quality, reliable solar installer is key to getting a quality system at the right price, with good after-sales support.

But there’s one thing the other sites don’t talk about…

The installation matters. A lot.

A poor installation can not only look ugly it can cause damage to your home, long term maintenance headaches, or in extreme circumstances a house fire. You don’t want these things and neither do we.

We’re not some big chain name who just shunts you off to some unknown subcontractor trying to get the installation done as fast as they can. 

We proudly do all our own installation work because having installed thousands of residential solar systems and some of the largest commercial systems in the country we know that it’s the little things that make a difference to a quality installation.

Our installation team prides themselves on doing things properly—they’re a bit old school that way—you know, measure twice, cut once, that sort of thing. Giving you a professionally installed, quality solar system with zero damage to your roof keeping your safety and curb appeal intact.

 We stand by the fact that if we wouldn’t be happy with the solar system at our place then we’re certainly not going to sell it to you. We respect your home like we respect ours. We do all this because our business depends on word of mouth and long term relationships—and we value these to much to get it wrong.

 Access our in-depth expertise to get the best solar installation for your home. Email sales@dsenergyservices.com.au or call 0412 750 940, we promise to get back to you in 24 hours.

Solar uses the power of the sun, the most plentiful resource on the planet to generate clean  energy
Solar uses the power of the sun, the most plentiful resource on the planet to generate clean energy

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DS Energy Services

Allworth Street, Northgate Queensland 4013, Australia

0412 750 940